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The president's editorial in 300 words

Photo Président de l'Université

“The celebration of a tercentenary is a unique event in many ways. Our university community, rich in its diversity, is fortunate to be able to be the actor of this anniversary.”

The 300th anniversary of our university will be the main guiding theme of the year 2022. The calendar of the celebration includes many initiatives, events of all kinds, moments of reflection, exchange or conviviality, as well as more official and solemn occasions. All members of the wider community of the University of Burgundy (uB) will find a role to play in the events on this calendar.

The festivities should also be an opportunity to demonstrate to our many partners, both public and private, what an open, modern university of excellence can represent in a region like ours. Our partners too have their role to play.

This website, dedicated to the 300th anniversary celebration, is centered on three key points :

  • the history of the uB, recalling the great moments of its past since 1722;

  • the identity of the uB, what it is today, its values, its actions, its wealth and its excellence;

  • the future of the uB, in a prospective approach questioning what the future may hold for our university.

I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge all the people involved in the organization of the tercentenary celebration and in particular the steering committee, led by Professor Jacques POIRIER, whom I thank very warmly for his involvement. The team working on this project has been committed to bringing together as many people as possible, from all our campuses. If you have any ideas, or a particular interest to explore, do not hesitate to reach out to them.

See you soon to celebrate together the 300-year anniversary of our university!

Vincent THOMAS
President of the University

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